Friday, August 27, 2010


Lesley went past the house today and took some photos of a nearly completed garage!  All that's missing is the bits they can't do because of the scaffolding.  And they can't take down the scaffolding until they complete the eaves and clean the top floor's bricks.

Also included are some random photos that happened to be on the camera
We have a garage!
A garage!

Not related to the house .. my wife made these yoyos
And here is Gisele enjoying some cupcakes
Graham having fun at the play room at the Royal Children's Hospital
Graham's prison

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Architraves! And more bricks!

The site supervisor has been busy lately, and our house got plastered last weekend!  The plasterers worked through saturday and sunday.  And when I went there today (wednesday) we had architraves, as well as our brickies back and finishing off the house.  They started on the garage too but the scaffolding prevents them from doing too much there.

Bricks!  SS said the house bricks should be finished today.  But the garage will have to wait
They can start on this garage wall at least.  The big guy on the left is in charge.  Last time he told me off for bringing a child on the site without a leash, saying they would get in trouble if anything happened.
The kitchen getting plastered
The ktichen with architraves!
Gisele's room plastered (yes, she has already assigned rooms)
Gisele's room with architraves
The computer room, which I now realize is quite a bit larger than I had imagined.
And the family room, looking out from the kitchen.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Things have been pretty busy lately - our son was in hospital with an infected knee, luckily everything went well and he's now back at home. We have also been sick with bronchitis (me) and laryngitis (my wife). But thanks to the modern wonder of penicillin, things are finally returning to normal! So I went down to the mud house today and took a few photos..

Gisele wasn't sick at all of course - it seems she is immune to everything after spending a few years at childcare in Singapore.

The main events at the mud house lately are the wrap around the second floor, scaffolding going up, the front door has been attached to the frame, and batts have been stuffed into just about every place you could imagine.  The upper floor also has batts in the walls and roof, but I didn't go up there because I was with Gisele.  It looks pretty warm and cosy up there.

Bricks have been moved up to the scaffolding.


More batts!  Pink batts!

Yellow batts!  All colours of batts!

Gisele by the back door

Gisele by the front door

Gisele out the front