Sunday, June 27, 2010

Site Supervisor Update

I just had a chat with the site supervisor about how things are going. He said he's got the bricks scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, but no brickies yet. His regular ones are busy on other jobs, and I said I would rather wait for them than to try other ones who may or may not do a good job.

So what he's got planned for the near future is to get the heating and electrical wiring in, and one the brickies are available he'll get the inside garage wall done, so then they can put up the garage and finish off that section of roof. It's a bit more complicated with a double storey as they need scaffolding where the garage will be, and so the garage has to wait until everything that needs that scaffolding has been finished.

No photos yet.. we were going to go look at the site last weekend but staying at home relaxing seemed like a much better idea :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roof Tiles!

We finally have roof tiles! And fascia and guttering on the portico too! These photos were taken on wednesday 23rd June. I'm happy that progress is being made again.

Pictures from the front right and front left. The bricks are our next door neighbour's garage.

The long ladder, and the thing which I think they might use to bring tiles up on to the roof. They were packing it away just as I arrived. Picture is from the front of the house.

Something is happening on the portico.. I'm not entirely sure what.

I snuck around the back and took this picture from one of the properties behind our house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Delays ..

It's now two weeks since the portico went up, and still we have no roof tiles! The SS said they would be done in the week that just passed, but all we saw was a water pipe pouring water into a pool in the ground (picture attached).

Given that each week costs us several hundred dollars, I am not happy with how slow things are going right now.

UPDATE: The SS just called and said he's been delayed by the following things

1. Corporate inductions (I think he's new to Metricon)
2. Rainy days
3. On the days that aren't rainy, he's been dealing with the fascia people. The fascia needs to be complete before roof tiles go on, but the fascia installers decided to re-order materials that were already at the site, and were waiting for those. So he says that is sorted out now and they just need to come in and do the fascia, then roof tiles can go on.