Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Electrical fitoffs have started, and the kitchen benchtops have been installed!  We sent a whole long list of defects to Metricon, as well as the tile problems mentioned in the last post, and they have said that they will fix it all!  So that is good news.

Rear fence being built.
Rear door damage.  It can't close now, which means anyone (including us) can get into the house at any time.  Metricon said they will fix it.
We are supposed to have a hob mount tap, but instead we have this off-center water point in the wall.  Metricon said they will fix it.
The metal attachments behind the wall were not even here, resulting in the power points not being even.  Metricon will fix.
Apparently a power cable hanging out of the wall.  Outside the house.  The writing says "Spa - Please pull through"
Caesarstone benchtops!
And more caesarstone benchtops!  This one runs into the window reveal.  To the right of the window there was supposed to be a power point, but there is actually several pieces of solid wood to the immediate right of the window, supporting the second storey of the house.  So we are looking into whether the power point can go on the wall to the right instead.
Power point on the kitchen island, so we can run our electrical equipment there.
This is the kitchen component of the front door intercom.
Our alarm system panel, part of the promotional package.
And the alarm box itself, hidden away.
Network termination .. on the floor!  This is in the broom cupboard.  It really should be up on the shelf.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tiles! And garage roof.

Our tiles have been laid!  They look very nice, but there were a few mistakes made unfortunately.  I spoke to the site supervisor and he said both he and the tiler had looked carefully at the order form, but it seems Beaumont tiles didn't pass on our selections properly :(  So some of them will need to be re-done.  SS is going to go back and see why they didn't get the right instructions from Beaumont.

The garage roof is also nearly complete!  SS says he expects completion in early December, but I will believe it when I see it :)

He also mentioned the bricks at the front again - apparently the construction manager is still thinking about it, so he can't tell me what their plans are yet.  So all we can do there is wait..

Leftover tiles
This is how they block the front door
Powder room.  The tiles around the mirror are the wrong type, they should be the "pepper" tiles seen in the bathroom and ensuite.
Bathroom shower.  The strip in the middle is supposed to be 1/3 that width!  But because of the mistake in the work order, it ended up being this wide.. also the tiles around the mirror are the white wall tiles - they are supposed to be these same tiles on the feature strip.
Ensuite.  This feature strip is also 3 times the right width.  Also the wall on the right of this picture is supposed to be tiled but wasn't.
Overwide strip, again in the ensuite.  This is the ensuite shower.
Garage roof under construction
Garage roof nearly complete.  The ladder is for plumbers to do guttering up behind the garage.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stuff happening!

We've had quite a few things happening recently.  We've now seen the lowered kitchen window, now missing an outside window sill and having a gap above it.  But at least it's at the same height as the benchtop now.  We've also had floors sanded inside, tiles delivered, and the garage roof is well underway.

I've also been told that the bricks out the front will be Nawkawed, and also the bricks around the right hand side.  We haven't got much details about how they will be doing it, and no discussion whatsoever, which is disappointing, but if they don't get it right we will just ask them to do it again.

We've been told tiling will start soon..

Lowered kitchen window
Sanded floors
Tiles have been delivered!  And a dusty printer.
Roof tiles for the garage
And the garage itself (taken from car during rain)
The current state of our kitchen.
The computer room
Heating outlet and return air
Hallway downstairs with heating control
Someone picking purple flowers out the front
I see the light!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paint and Render

I just got off the phone with our site supervisor, he said the brick people (who are actually Boral not Selkirk, even though the bricks are Selkirk) have taken a look at the bricks, and they will have some suggestions for what to do about them by the end of the week.  He also said we have a garage roof (which I haven't seen yet) and that tiles have been delivered!  I'll be taking a look at all that tomorrow.

Inside the house the walls and ceilings have been painted, and I've been told sanding will happen this week in preparation for laying the tiles.  Outside we have a rendered pier!  I've also been told the kitchen window has been lowered, and the brickwork will be adjusted to match.  Let's hope they do a better job with that than they did with blending the bricks.

Pier before coloring
And after coloring
Just inside the front door, after painting
Family room at the back
Hallway leading to bedrooms
Gisele in the master bedroom