Thursday, December 9, 2010

A clean house!

We were finally able to get some pictures, after the carpet is complete and the house cleaned!  It's beginning to look like it really will be done by Christmas.  SS says we can have a walkthrough next week and plan for handover the following week.

After the flooring being finished and the house cleaned it really looks like a house now.

Preparations for concrete out the front.
Entrance and "sitting room", with "brick on cardboard" front door locking technology.
The kitchen, finally clean.

Dining room.
Dining room and family room, from kitchen.
Family room from kitchen.  AKA the TV room.
Rear door is finally clean.  It looked almost impossibly dirty before this.  Outside is preparations for concreting the outdoor room.
View out from the dining room to our future koi pond.  Unfortunately koi seem to be illegal in most of Australia, so it's going to be a "not koi" pond.  Most of what you can see out there is next door's house foundations.
Moving upstairs, the master bedroom.  We'll be replacing all the saucer lights.
Bath without the bath.
Clean bathroom mirror with the right tiles around it.
Bathroom shower.
Ensuite shower with tiled base.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Carpet, Plumbing and Tiles

Things have been busy lately!  I visited the site and there were tilers and plumbers there at the same time.  Then the next time I went the carpets were half laid, and on the next visit there were cleaners going through the house cleaning up, so I let them do their stuff and didn't take any pictures.  So the carpets are done, but no pictures yet.

The ensuite shower, now with feature strip.
Ensuite tiling is complete all way around now.
Part of the bath hob tap is installed.
Tiling around the mirror is complete
Tiling here is complete too.
And here's the other wall of the bathroom shower
Toilets have been installed too, and all the other plumbing.
Carpets were being laid when I took the pictures.  The carpets are complete now.
This stuff is under the carpets.
We are proud half owners of the rightmost 2 metres of the lighter coloured fence.  We owe someone $55 for it.  Actually we haven't paid for the darker coloured part yet either, but they haven't asked.
A few overall pictures of the house.  They were cleaning inside today.
Taken from next door, where the build seems to have stalled.
From the front.
The nawkawed bricks
Nawkawed bricks at the side.