Monday, March 20, 2017

Six years on

I think this is worth following up on.  We have been living here around 6 years now.  The houses to either side of us are still unfinished, full of building defects.  Unfinished after 6 years!  They were built by another builder who did an astoundingly bad job, and then went out of business.  As for us, we have had only minor issues, and very few of them.

We are lucky to have built with Metricon.

Just a few weeks ago, a piece of wood above one of our windows fell down.  It looked like it had been stuck on with glue.  It had stayed up for the past 6 years until now.  It was from a second storey window so it was difficult to re-attach myself.  I called Metricon, they sent someone out to inspect.  He said it shouldn't have been stuck on with glue, and he will send someone to re-attach it, but I will have to paint it first.

The tradie called me soon afterwards and said not only will he re-attach it, he will paint it for me too.   He also agreed it's too heavy to be attached with glue, and put some screws in to hold it in place.  I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

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