Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Month Maintenance?

We have recently been dealing with North Warranties, the division of Metricon in charge of maintenance of new houses.  So far our experience has been generally good.  The initial person in charge of our house left with an unspecified illness, so we have someone new in charge.  He has generally been good with handling our issues, though he did forget to deal with them for about 2 weeks until I gave him a call this week.  After that it looks like things are back on schedule.  At least our current guy is thorough, unlike previous ones who tended to forget anything that wasn't convenient.

There is one issue however which has never been resolved, even after being in the house 7 months now.  During construction Metricon somehow managed to leave large amounts of bricks, tiles and assorted construction debris UNDER the ground in our backyard.  We have removed huge amounts of it ourselves, but every person I have asked at Metricon (and it's up to 5 now, with all the changes of site supervisors and warranty people and their supervisors) have tried to wiggle their way out of cleaning it up.  I have to assume that it's not easy to do, which is why they drop eye contact whenever I mention it and look the other way.  The only ones who have been interested in listening to me are the ones without any authority to do anything about it.

So I'm now dealing with the supervisor of my current contact in the warranties department, seeing if he will finally be the one to admit that it's not ok to bury building debris in their customer's backyard instead of taking it off the site.

The funniest thing here is that this supervisor told me that he doesn't think he needs to dig up the debris from underground because he couldn't see it in a photo.  It reminds me of a case on a current affair the other day, when someone had a home loan taken out fraudulently in his name, and the bank said he couldn't have the loan taken off his credit record because he wasn't the real owner of the loan, and therefore he wasn't allowed to make any enquiries or requests regarding it.

In other news, we have started landscaping on the dead side of our house, behind the side gate.  First is drainage, then we will be putting the same pavers and gravel that we have at the front of the house.

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