Monday, March 14, 2011

Side gate!

Pete and Bridget came over on the weekend and finished off the side gate!  Pics are below, as well as some pictures of the blinds.  Today the construction manager and our tiler came over to look at the ensuite shower base which wasn't draining properly.  In the end the CM decided to take off all the tiles, screed the base again (ie change the levels so it drains toward the drain faster) and then tile it again.  He said he was a bit concerned about water draining so slowly up on the second floor, presumably it increases the chances of it escaping into the walls or floor.

Fence under construction
Fence under construction (gate is sitting behind fence panel)
Fence complete!
Gate from the front...
And from the back.
Somehow we have managed to not kill this tree.
New venetians in the computer room.
Vertical blinds for the balcony door in the master bedroom.
Panel glides in the family room (these are the ones that were not properly fixed to the wall)
Our new site supervisor, in uniform.  Her assistant is by the letterbox, taste testing the water for E Coli.

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