Sunday, March 6, 2011

Site supervisor found!

Our site supervisor has been found!  Thankyou to all of you who helped search for him.  He called me today and said that he has indeed got a new baby girl, and he is now back at work again.  I also got a call from his construction manager, and various other people too.  So it looks like things are back on track.

The other thing we have been working on is the drain at the back of the house.  It is slowly taking shape.  We're almost ready to begin on paving parts of it.

Front landscaping

More front landscaping.  Since then we have some new plants under the window, and some more rocks.
Drainage at the back.  That pit in the corner has been connected all the way down to the stormwater pipes, which was rather tricky to do.
Drain looking the other way.  There's now a lot of crushed rock around these drains, getting ready for paving.  On the left will go some treated pine sleepers to make a mini retaining wall.
Metricon still haven't made our shelves for this unit, so I used some scraps from the WIR draw construction to make some myself.  They are not quite deep enough so there is a bit of a gap at the back of each.

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