Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stuff fixed!

We've had quite a busy week!  First I got a call from our site supervisor, and then from his construction manager who came around on Tuesday to check on what needs fixing.  And we had people coming around Tuesday and Wednesday fixing all the plaster and paint issues, installing external vents to the rangehood and powder room, and fixing broken tiles.  They did a pretty good job - you can't even see where the old downlight holes in the ensuite were, or where the broken plaster was behind the rangehood.

Pretty much everything has had a satisfactory outcome now except for two things - the construction manager said that the small diameter connected on the U bend in the laundry is suitable for connecting the laundry machine water waste on to, but the Bunnings plumber says it's too small.  But if it's a matter of adding another connector at the right height we may be able to DIY.  And the construction manager was not keen on clearing the buried building waste (bricks, tiles, etc) in the backyard.  He was hinting that all he can do is send someone to clear what's visible on the surface, so I told him that most of the work is in actually digging the stuff up.

We also had half our blinds installed on wednesday - lots of venetians for upstairs, as well as a panel glide for the back bi-part sliding door, and a vertical strip blind on the balcony door.  The installation (by Home Outlet) was good overall except the guy was a bit rushed, and he botched the sliding door blinds.  Rather than removing the blinds from the holders and screwing them in properly he put the screws in angled upwards, and they went into the space behind the plaster instead of into the house frame, so the whole architrave was hanging precariously with a 10mm gap between it and the wall.  I put some extra screws in at the right angle and it's now attached solidly.  Can't complain about the price though.  The kids have been playing hide and seek in the panel glides all evening, and Graham has been methodically opening and closing every venetian in the whole house.  He'll make a good scientist or engineer.

Pictures soon!  We also have half a fence at the side of the house installed by Pete, with the gate going in soon.  The gate is around 35 kg so he's looking for some stronger hinges to make sure it's all solid.

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